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This will show you how to create elements that are shortcuts to other content elements - these are called 'Insert Records'. This can be used so you have a 'master' element that you update, and all other pages with this element will update as well.

Elements can be created in either Page or List view. In this case I've decided we will do this in the Page view.

First, go to the page you want to add the 'Insert Record' element on. I've decided I need an 'Insert Record' on 'positiononit'.

Next, we create a new element - here any type of element will do. You can create a new element by clicking on the 'new record' button as hightlighted above. 

In my case I choose to create a text element - shown below

The page will automatically reload (in this case) and show you a text element. You should be familiar with this screen. What we do different here is change it to an 'Insert Records' element. To do this, we click on the Type field and choose Insert Records in the drop down list

The page should now prompt you if you wish to reload - click okay. You will now see the insert record screen, as shown below

To find the element(s) you want to refer to, click on the folder in the records field (as shown above). This will give you an element browser. Go to the page the record you want to reference is on, and click on it. 

You will see above that I clicked on the page 'common questions about CLCs', and saw there was the element 'Common questions about CLCs'.

To add this record, I clicked the plus button that is highlighted above. You will see the record name show up in the record list in the first window, as highlighted above. Once you have finished choosing your records to insert, you can close the element browser. Now save, and you have created an 'Insert Record' element.