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How to create great content

Content creation is no easy undertaking, it takes compelling and unique content to stand out in the crowd and engage your audience. To help cut through the noise we’ve put together a number of tips to help you create great content.

24 March 2015

1) Capitalise on industry trends and social media platforms:

Looking for hot new topics and trends within your industry is a great way to generate ideas for great content. If created at the right time this approach allows you to capitalise on existing search demands and generate further traffic. Identifying trends from places such as Google Trends, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms is a good place to start.

2) Drop the sales pitch:

The majority of consumers are particularly distrustful of any form of advertising message. The moment your content becomes promotional in nature the more likely you are to lose the interest of your reader. If you are able to create content which is insightful, informative, engaging and actually of use to your reader you'll be able to generate trust and in turn help guide their purchasing decision.

3) Utilize customer questions and testimonials:

Common customer queries and customer testimonials can be used to generate meaningful content. Engaging with customer generated posts and finding a way to turn said posts into meaningful content is a good way to ensure customer satisfaction.

4) Look inward (Web analytics):

See what keywords people are using to visit your site and use these as a guide for generating content. Keyword reports can be a goldmine for generating content ideas and also identifying potential content gaps on your site.

5) Create great content that is available on all devices:

Creating content that is responsive on all devices is becoming increasingly important. The rate of mobile and tablet usage has increased phenomenally over the last few years and is set to overtake desktop usage in the coming years. Creating content that caters for this 'on the move' reader will prove vital in the overall success of your content marketing

6) Provoke a response:

Great content provokes an emotional reaction in the reader, whether it be surprise, happiness, sadness, or anger. By provoking such a reaction you are encouraging readers to stop, read, and actually take value from your content.

7) Use a combination of expert, branded and user generated content:

A content mix of expert, branded and user generated content should be used in order to establish trust, educate customers and aid their purchasing decision. Using expert generated content can help establish trust with customers by providing them with credible unbiased material. Branded content allows you to forge deeper connections with your customers by providing unique and engaging content which is representative of your brand. These efforts should then be reinforced by encouraging customers to generate user reviews and other consumer based content. By placing value on user generated content you are empowering your customers by nurturing their investment in your brand.