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Responsive Web Design

Responsive design makes your pages look good across a wide range of devices - ranging from desktop computers, laptops, tablets, to smartphones.

20 February 2015

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design - The solution for all devices

Serving up the same content for all devices is ok, but not ideal. The best approach acknowledges that customer behaviour is likely to be different when walking around and using a phone versus sitting at a desk on a PC.  A lot of text is not ideal, and simple access to contact details and bigger buttons for simple navigation become much more important.

Previously the domain of expensive to develop and maintain 'Apps', specific phone solutions for your website are now easy to achieve with responsive design - which provides a robust online solution for all devices.

With the continued massive growth of smartphones and now tablets, can you afford not to focus on serving up a better customer experience?

Advantages of responsive design

  • It is cross-device. No need for multiple apps to match different operating systems and no expensive app revisions when design or function updates are introduced
  • It uses content from one source therefore saving both input and updating time
  • Responsive design optimises content delivery and the user experience for each device.

Responsive design guidelines

Screen Sizes

Keep in mind that, while larger devices present information in landscape, smartphones usually switch to portrait. Tablets can display both layout versions.

Responsive Web Design Screen Sizes

Laptop / PC 

  • With larger screens, all information is generally displayed. Standard navigation works well, with no need to adjust any elements.


  • With a slightly smaller screen, scroll can become more of a factor. Some elements may now be moved to the bottom of the screen, and the size of some elements changed, e.g. smaller versions of banner ads, reduced width for content boxes or larger buttons.


  • A small screen presents issues for large amounts of content, and people consume information differently when out and about. There are many benefits of mobile responsive design including delivering a better reader experience, improving SEO and making the site easier to maintain. 

Showcase of responsive web design 

We have been working on responsive websites for our clients including CoreLogic New Zealand, Capital City Motors, Awa Films, and Seafood New Zealand. Take a look at examples of our work for your inspiration.

Responsive Web Designs Examples