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Digital Marketing is changing fast: Case Study

The world of Digital Marketing is a rapidly changing one. Ocular performed a case study on online marketing trends that will dominate the digital world.

10 June 2015

Digital Marketing is changing fast

More and more businesses are active online and it's becoming a very competitive space. This, coupled with the speed of change in social media and search engines, means you need to live and breathe this space to really add value to customers.

Digital Marketing is Changing Fast

  • 13 years ago YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest didn't exist
  • 8 years ago iPhones and iPads didn't exist
  • In the last 7 years Google has made more than 80 changes to its search algorithm
  • 15% of queries submitted to Google each day have never been seen before by Google's search engine
  • Almost one half of small business have connected successfully with new customers through social networks
  • 55% of consumers share their purchases socially on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social sites

How Changes in Digital Marketing can affect your Website: A CASE STUDY

We're lucky to deal with some great companies that allow us to add value and provide solutions in the SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing space. These include National retailers, Industry organisations, Specialist stores, and many others.

An example of providing solutions for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social media is our work with The Baby's Room, Wellington. Already an award winning shop in the retail space, Ocular were engaged to improve Search Engine Optimisation, build on their existing social media efforts and ascertain digital strategies to increase website visitors and revenue.

Implemented Marketing Changes

  • Undertaking an SEO Audit
  • Developing a Digital Promotional Plan
  • Adding Google Listings
  • Content creation and content management
  • Adding Facebook posts encouraging interactivity among followers
  • Google Adwords Campaign
  • The Website analytics and reporting (to robustly track results)

The results, after two months:

  • 66% increase in Website Visits
  • 110% increase in Page views
  • 140% increase in the number of customers purchasing online
  • 221% Increase in website visits via Facebook referrals
  • 700% increase in consumers' referred from Facebook making online purchases

The results show how effective online marketing is and underline the importance of digital marketing in today's world. Victoria Bartram, Owner of The Baby's Room said: 

"Of course when the Ocular team and I met, the first consideration for me and probably any small business owner is value for money, and the second is skill - i.e. Can they provide services that we cannot already undertake ourselves.

On both fronts, Ocular have delivered. In the short time that they have been on board, we have experienced growth in social media presence, search engine rankings, website visits, and most importantly, bottom line sales.

I would highly recommend Ocular, unless you are a baby retailer, in which case you cant have them :)"

Thank you Victoria for giving us the opportunity to work with you! More examples of Ocular's marketing services can be found in our portfolio.