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TYPO3 - Content Management System

TYPO3 is a free and open source web content management system designed to form the basis for your websites. Manage your content without messing with the design.

22 June 2015

What is TYPO3?

TYPO3 is an enterprise level Content Management System (CMS) offering great flexibility. Content Management Systems allow IT novices to create and update content for websites, without the need for any technical knowledge. From out-of-the-box operation, with a complete set of standard modules right through to a robust high-performance architecture that enables virtually every kind of custom solution or extension. This article covers a few details about TYPO3. 

  • As with the majority of CMS options available, TYPO3 is an Open Source CMS. Open Source systems do not have any direct licencing fees, and are instead an open source code that is supported by communities of developers that work to improve the system by building in added functionality as the worlds online use changes.
  • TYPO3 was developed in 1997 and was one of the earliest CMS created with it being born out of the need to separate design and content and therefore provide greater flexibility for users.
  • It comes with standard modules, and these are easily configured with customised solutions. It is a very adaptable and extendable program that offers a wide range of features and modules and these are being constantly developed and enhanced. 

Is TYPO3 right for my business?

There are several reasons why TYPO3 could be the right tool for your website.

#1 - Flexibility

The beauty of TYPO3 is that it can be used for a simple one page website, right through to a complex, multi-layered site. By way of example, Ocular has delivered a wide range of TYPO3 websites, from simple landing pages, right through to multi-domain solutions, installations with multiple editors with different user rights.

Examples of TYPO3 Websites

Examples of TYPO3 Websites

#2 - TYPO3 is simple to use  

  • Content authors/ updater's experience a very user friendly interface. The production and maintenance of web pages is as simple as using Microsoft Word, with an intuitive interface enabling quick action for text formatting, insertion of images, etc.
  • If the website has multiple authors, TYPO3 is designed to allow shared authoring, collaboration and also different authority settings. For example, you can provide one user the ability to draft up an item, but require a second person to sign off the content and make it live.
  • In addition, TYPO3 offers seamless integration, working extremely well with multimedia components. If your site needs to show updates from Facebook and Twitter, display images from an external source then that's all covered, and more. 
  • No code (e.g., HTML) knowledge is required at all for updating text content, inserting images, personalising layout, inserting direct links (to websites, emails, etc)... the list goes on. The TYPO3 user interface uses icons and buttons and each has ‘mouseover’ text that displays when you hover your mouse over the button – so you can quickly identify the option you are looking for without having to reference online help files, or consult a manual.
  • Also, Information Architecture changes are a breeze with page drag and drop functionality and automatic menu generation.

TYPO3 CMS Screenshot

#3 - It is a robust system

In short, very much so. It’s wide acceptance and use is illustrated through these numbers: 

  • 9,998+ out of the box features in TYPO3
  • 500,000+ websites have been built using TYPO3 as their Content Management System
  • 5,518 extensions/modules have been published under Open Source license for everyone to use
  • 51 language localisations are already available for TYPO3

In terms of credibility, you wouldn’t have multinationals such as DHL, 3M, and Volkswagen with TYPO3 web solutions unless it could deliver robust solutions. 

#4 - We are using TYPO3 

500,000+ Websites have been built using TYPO3 as their Content Management System. Numbers talk. Over half a million websites would not have been built in TYPO3, without being a credible CMS that is both highly scalable and also easy for users to operate.

The community aspect of Open Source development is one of its key strengths. Over 60,000 developers are registered with TYPO3 and new functionality is being developed and then shared for use by all.

While operating in New Zealand doesn't see a lot of need for different language options (Icelandic, or other), the availability of these does speak to robustness of TYPO3 as a system. Such is the depth of the core offering, we’ve produced a large range of online solutions that use only core functionality – a small amount of personalisation is required for the particular solution, as opposed to an expensive custom build.