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The Community Law manual upload is a step by step process. There are some things to take in to account before starting:

  • There was a specific format agreed upon for the chapters. This was agreed with Community Law at time of build - if the format of the documents has changed, the format must be changed back to match the upload specification or any hours taken to change the upload to accept new formatting will be charged.
  • First off please test at least 2 chapters on the Community Law test site before uploading to the Community Law live site - there may be issues with the document and testing is better than damage control.
  • Links within the documents themselves are not generated - some of the formatting/ all website links within the manual content will need to be done manually on the content after the upload of the documents.
  • Each chapter will be a separate document and should be uploaded to the correct page (chapter 2 is uploaded on the chapter 2 page). Pages can be renamed - new pages can be added if needed.
  • If the process is too difficult Ocular is happy to do the upload for Community Law provided the time it takes Ocular to complete is paid for.
  • The person uploading should be relatively familiar with the Typo3 system, at least its layout.

Below are the steps for updating the manual:

  1. File type: start off with each chapter of the manual in a separate Microsoft Word document. Save them as .xml files (2003 if it gives and option of version) by choosing 'Save As' in Word. So you should end up with "Chapter 1 New Zealand Legal System.xml", "Chapter 2 Legal Aid.xml" etc. It is important to save the file from Microsoft Word as the formatting is changed if saved from another application.
  2. Log into Typo3: Log into Typo3.
  3. Load a chapter: it is a good idea to test the most complex document on the test site first. Log into the test site
    and upload a document over the current document
  4. Loading a document: when you log into Typo3 you should see something similar to the screenshot below. The highlighted button must be visible.
  5. Where to upload: choose "Create Office Pagetree" then choose the page you wish to overwrite in the middle pane. If you were loading chapter 1, you would click "create office page tree" then click the page in the second pane called "Chapter 1: New Zealand Legal...". These pages can be renamed and new pages can be added.
  6. Uploading the document: in the right pane, upload the document you wish to upload (this would be "Chapter 1 New Zealand Legal System.xml" for chapter 1) and click "Upload Office File". This will upload the document and replace any content in the Chapter 1 page tree. View the page to check if the upload looks correct
  7. All documents: repeat step 5 and 6 for any other chapters that need to be updated.