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Marketing Services



Differentiating your company and brand in a highly competitive marketplace is paramount. Marketing is one of the most important aspects in a businesses ability to grow and is a powerful force that can directly lead to increased sales.

Ocular specialises in identifying and providing a range of digital and traditional marketing solutions to ensure you are seen by your target market. In particular we have a strong focus on digital marketing to ensure your organization keeps up to speed with the ever-changing digital world.

Marketing production


Strategy and Market Planning are the foundation for result driven solutions and great achievement. To plan effective marketing strategies, we first develop a greater understanding of your business and its target audience(s). Based on this knowledge we create and deliver targeted digital and traditional marketing strategies that will help your business achieve its marketing objectives.


The expanding digital environment has resulted in a shift that sees the traditional print dollar being spent on online advertising. Online advertising offers a range of benefits which exceed the capabilities of traditional print and television ads. Digital advertisements are measurable and highly targeted. We arrange advertising through online channels including Google AdWords, Google Display Network, Facebook, LinkedIn and TV Ondemand.


Measurement is essential for understanding the success or failure of your marketing activities and your Return on Investment. The ability to track your metrics and analyse the result of changing variables provides a true picture of business growth and provide vital information for planning strategic decisions. We provide a range of measurement services including Analytics and surveying.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the promotion of products and brands through online channels. Digital media is a persuasive medium for companies, as consumers can now access business information from any location, at any time. Digital marketing allows companies to reach a global audience and engineer greater customer engagement by building an online community around your brand. Our digital marketing services include Social Media marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Digital Advertising.