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Google's mobile friendly algorithm update

Google released a significant new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm. Websites not being mobile-friendly may be punished by this update.

31 March 2015

Google's mobile friendly algorithm update

The argument toward responsive web design just got stronger with upcoming changes to Google's mobile friendly algorithm seriously affecting the visibility of websites not optimised for mobile. 

The changes, which are set to take effect on 21st April 2015 will see only mobile optimised websites appear in the top results for searches made on mobile devices.

With the growing shift toward mobile browsing this change is the obvious next step for Google in their attempt to provide users with relevant, high quality search results that are optimised toward their devices.

WHAT THe mobile friendly algorithm update MEANS FOR YOU

If your website is not optimised for mobile devices it will no longer appear in the top Google search results for mobile, meaning low visibility from mobile users and a reduction in overall website traffic. With 25% of all searches coming from mobile devices this loss in traffic could seriously limit the opportunities you have to reach and engage your potential customers.

To ensure you're still seen, consider optimising your website with a responsive design solution. Responsive design allows you to build or retro fit one core web solution, which then adapts based on the device being used, whether it is desktop, mobile or tablet. It is the ultimate in usability, enabling you to deliver content from one source to users on any device.

Responsive Design Solutions for all Devices

With mobile browsing only set to increase and Google now taking action to accommodate this shift businesses would be wise to follow suit.

For advice around these changes and responsive design please feel free to get in contact with us, we are more than happy to discuss your options around this.