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The ABCs of Google's 'Alphabet' rebrand

12 August 2015


Changes are afoot at Google headquarters with the tech behemoth announcing it will rebrand itself as Alphabet - a new holding company that will preside over a collection of business subsidiary's, the largest of which being Google.

The new model will see each subsidiary of Alphabet having its own CEO, with Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin overseeing the ship as CEO and President at Alphabet, respectively. The move will look to provide investors with greater insights into how money is being spent and allow for better management and accountability of Google's various business divisions.

Alphabet's companies will include:

  • Google Inc.: Includes Google Search, Ads, Maps, Apps, YouTube and Android
  • Fiber: A broadband internet and cable television service
  • Calico: An R&D company with the goal of combating aging and associated diseases
  • Nest: A home automation company that designs and manufactures programmable thermostats and smoke detectors
  • Google X: A semi-secret facility run by Google dedicated to making major technological advancements
  • Life Sciences: A research organisation and division of Google X studying life sciences
  • Ventures: The corporate venture capital investment arm of Google Inc.
  • Capital: A growth equity investment fund focusing on larger, growth stage technology companies.

The transition looks set to begin later this year, with these new segments being broken out into Alphabet's financials in early 2016.

With much speculation and opinion surrounding this move the months ahead could prove a very interesting time for Google - scratch that, Alphabet. Watch this space!