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The Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is now a critical element of all internet marketing strategies and can carry multiple benefits if utilised correctly. Find out why SEO is important to your business.

19 February 2015

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about making your website appear prominently when a consumer enters one or more of your keywords into a search engine. In short, the earlier, and more frequently your site appears in the search results list, the more likely it is that users will click through to your website. There are several benefits of Search Engine Optimisation.

Why SEO is important to your business

#1 - Increased web traffic

SEO is a key component in a successful traffic generation strategy. SEO will lead to higher rankings on the search engine results page (SERP), which will have a major impact on the volume of targeted traffic to your website.

With increased visitors there is a better chance of achieving your website's purpose as the increased traffic to your site will ultimately lead to more opportunities for acquiring customers. 

#2 - Low cost and better Return on Investment (ROI)

Organic (non-paid) listings are fundamentally free. When you are listed at the top, you essentially don't need to pay per click (PPC e.g., Google adwords). This is especially important for a company that has a large number of keywords. SEO also means you can allocate less money to paid advertising. With a little bit of effort (and some capital invested upfront to pay for an SEO process) you can watch your website get steady traffic and receive a healthy return on investment.

#3 - SEO brings your business ongoing results

Unlike advertisements on television or radio SEO lasts forever. SEO doesn't abruptly stop if you stop paying for them. A successful SEO campaign takes much longer to fade than that of a PPC campaign. Once the money runs dry with a PPC campaign, the search rankings disappear, whereas the links and tags involved with an SEO campaign can take years to go away, if they go away at all.

#4 - People trust Google, higher brand credibility

Google holds a 67% search engine market share according to comScore. People trust that the first listing in Google is a reputable company and with the majority of searchers using Google, attaining and maintaining a high search rank for your keywords is strong competitive advantage to any business

According to a recent report from 53% of users go to the first result, 15% to the second result, 9% the third, 6% the fourth, and 4% the fifth. From these results you can understand why getting your company into the top three positions is going to have unquestionable benefits.