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The Importance of Social Media for Business

Social Media has grown from peer to peer communication to an essential part of life for human interactivity. The rapid growth of social media has also lent itself to changing the way businesses now communicate with their customers.

07 May 2015

Social Media Marketing

Social Media for Business

Connecting with your audiences through Social Media has become a vital aspect of modern marketing. Whether you're a small start-up or a large Multinational, understanding the power of Social Media and how to exploit the various channels can lead to increased brand awareness, development of a loyal online community, company trustworthiness and increased sales.

Social Media has caused consumer's brand engagement time to rapidly diminish and users of these networks now crave quality content that can be consumed in a timely manner. The growing number of Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Vine users is a prime example of this.

So how does a business stand out in a chaotic Social Media world?

A world where almost every business is using social media, posting run-of-the-mill content that offers minimal to their consumers. On top of this when business do create great content; many social networks are now filtering messages in order to force companies to spend money to acquire the required reach. 

  • The common denominator when it comes to the effectiveness of your Social Media content is your audience. Understanding your audience is the single most important element of your social media strategy. Knowing and understanding your audiences demographic and what will effectively capture their attention is paramount.
  • Make your audience engage with your business through interesting content. Whilst this is a 'social' network, posting a cute cat video on your company Facebook page when it has nothing to do with your brand is pointless, if you're a pet shop however, brilliant.
  • Determining what you want to achieve from social media and where you want to have a social media presence is another important aspect of social media for business. Setting goals and measuring results will lead to a better understanding of what works and what doesn't. Taking these metrics and reshaping goals will assist with the future direction of your social media strategy.

Ocular manages a variety of Social Media Networks for a range of organisations. Below are some effective tips for using social media based on our experience:

  • IMPORTANCE OF SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESSIntegrate visual content by adding photos and videos
  • Construct two way links between your social media networks and your website
  • Create content that is specific to your brand and products that your audience will want to consume and engage with
  • Deal with complaints and criticism in a timely manner
  • Crowd source by getting consumers to create content

For more tips on how to effectively use social media or for assistance with managing your social media, contact the team at Ocular today.