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How to create a good design portfolio?

Taking the first step on the career ladder for graduate designers can be tough. Therefore, create a killer design portfolio to be seen.

15 August 2015

Having a good design portfolio is one way to stand out from the crowd. To help open up the doors to your first job prospect we’ve compiled some tips to help you get that first graphic design job. 

How to create a design portfolio to be seen?  

  1. Show your best work and only show work you are proud off. While having a large portfolio is surely an advantage, including work that isn't quite there may harm your portfolio. Quality matters over quantity. 
  2. Be unique to make sure you'll be remembered. Your work should reflect your approach, style, and values. Companies are looking for the ones that stand out.
  3. Think of yourself as a brand and be consistent with your brand identity across your CV, your work, and your online presence. 
  4. Present work that is relevant to the company you'd love to work for. You are probably not the only applicant and time is money, so present something that they really want to see.
  5. Make sure you can also be found online. Use platforms like LinkedIn to build networks and present examples of your work online. 
  6. Don't be disappointed by rejections. You may want some companies to reject you if your work does not quite fit in. Evaluating a design portfolio is subjective - some will love your work, others won't. If everyone just likes it your work is average. 

For more tips on how to create a killer design portfolio check out our infographic below or download the PDF. See how to prepare, build and present your work to land the job you want to get.

Creating a design portfolio Infographic

Creating a design portfolio