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Video Production Services



Video is an effective way to entertain, educate and inspire audiences. In this day and age it is an integral part of many marketing strategies that are designed to reach and influence key audiences in the digital world.

Ocular offers end-to-end video production both locally and nationwide. Our productions include TV commercials, corporate videos, training and instructional videos, documentaries, fiction, and promotional videos. We develop storyboards/creative, write scripts, source talent, film, develop graphics, animate and edit and are happy to engage in all or any parts of the process.

Video production


Pre-production is the planning stage and takes place before any video is shot. Ideas are developed, scripts written, locations and talent chosen and equipment is prepared. The production purpose, key message(s) and audience all drive the pre-production. We provide full management and creative support during the pre-production stage.


Production is when the video shooting/filming takes place. The perfect shot requires the right equipment, the right location, great talent and an experienced Camera-operator. Directors and Subject Matter Experts work on-set to ensure the right message and information is delivered.

Post Production

Post-production is where all the elements of a video come together to create magic. An Editor combines video, animation, graphics and music to tell your story. Post-production work can also refresh old footage or work from existing materials to re produce graphics-based videos or animations.