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Te Tumu Paeroa


Way back in 2015 Te Tumu Paeroa needed to connect more land owners with their land.  Each year landowners are invited to attend a meeting to discuss the status of their land, express any concerns and discuss future plans.

The meetings are about connecting the owners, informing them of what is happening on their land and planning to ensure the land is enjoyed for generations to come.

With some land blocks having hundreds of owners, the barriers of time, space and costs  to attend meetings saw a steady decrease in the number of owners attending meetings and engaging with Te Tumu Paeroa and their land. 


Working closely alongside the team at Te Tumu Paeroa, Ocular developed and tested a framework for the delivery of an electronic meeting of owners to be tested at multiple owners’ focus groups. 

After several iterations and further testing, a meeting template was chosen which included four 2 minute customised videos delivered via a microsite for each group of land owners.

Ocular provided Te Tumu Paeroa with full video production services. Collaborating with their in-house team we developed ideas into story boards, set the creative direction and gave advice on best practice techniques. We developed scripts, filmed talking heads and used animation, graphics and voice overs to update owners about their land. 


Owners all over the world now have access to information about their land and can access it wherever, whenever.

At the end of 2017 Ocular conducted a review of the Google Tag Manager Analytics and provided recommendations for the video templates based on user interaction.

The feedback from land owner's has been overwhelmingly positive, so much so, that Te Tumu Paeroa are currently delivering over 300 electronic meetings for 2018. We think that's pretty awesome.